Tony Blair wrote an essay. I have marked it.

Tony Blair wrote an essay. I have marked it.

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8 thoughts on “Tony Blair wrote an essay. I have marked it.

  1. sand49 says:

    Absolutely brilliant tears him to shreds. We need more of this..I would give you a high distinction for your critique. Well done.

  2. […] the last line of his review of Blair, Alex Nunns tells Blair to go to detention at the International Criminal Court in The […]

  3. shawlerblog says:

    I can’t but agree with you on this. We in Nigeria has felt the impact of this middle east crisis. The west needs to treat these issues based on nothing but truth and interventions of whatever kind honest.

  4. the81kid says:

    That was perfect. I wish more people could read this. Tony Blair is either completely oblivious and self-UNaware, or he is an absolute and self-serving liar. He says the same colonialist and racist rubbish as 150 years ago, labeling any nationalism (that he doesn’t like) as “terrorism”, yet won’t even mention his own employers (Saudi Arabia etc.) that directly fund terrorism. Complete hypocrisy and refusal to accept ANY responsibility. And he wants more war!

  5. Claude Mickleson says:

    Conceited warmonger

  6. Az Mohammed says:

    Expertly done in marking this sir. Only bit I don’t agree with is that comment about 9-11 and the perpetrators coming from Saudi Arabia…a few Arabs in caves in Afghanistan did not do 9-11…Christopher Bollyn has a better idea…

  7. T. Winters says:

    This is indeed brilliant. Your critique of Tony’s logical fallacies would be hilarious if the consequences of his muddy thinking were not tragic.

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